The solution to our problem

The idea is simple. As teachers, we need a resource to prepare our students for the specifics of the Core 40 exam! Do you think that the generic workbooks with a stamp that claims it is a "standardized test prep book" or "State Math Test review book" are not sufficient for the task at hand? If so, you have found your solution.

"Top Secret: How to Beat the Algebra I Core 40 Exam" is designed exclusively for students who are preparing to take the Algebra I Core 40 ECA. "Top Secret" provides a focused attention to the topics on the exam and provides the support your students need.

With over 300 questions that are tailored to the specifics of the Core 40 exam, your students will get plenty of practice. But they will also be guided along the way. They will be shown the layout of the exam, the types of questions they will encounter, and even be encouraged to develop a proper perspective of what this exam means to them.

Are you ready to stop copying and pasting ISTEP problems from 10 years ago? Are you ready to give your students a little more help than just 9 problems from the Core 40 Item Sampler? If so, order now!

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